Already knew that life can’t be compared, but why am I still insecure?

Ah, the feeling comes back. Again and again, feelings that repeatedly come and go, the old friend : insecurity. The feeling that we never allow, but always come back. Even when you know that life is incomparable, insecurity is still there. But WHY ??

Well, that’s actually a great question…

In this fast-paced era, patient is becoming a high-level skill not many people own

It’s absurd, how things are so much faster nowadays. Transportation, information, technology, all things are changing rapidly. Just sent an information, suddenly everybody in this world will know it. That’s how crazily fast this world now.

That’s also the reason why young people nowadays want everything to be fast. Being…

Being happy is simple and easy, if your expectation is simple as well

How’s your day ?

Good ?
Bad ?
Stress ?
Unhappy ?

Many people are not happy with their life. They feel tired, stressed, living just like that. They are simply “unhappy”.

When they asked what makes them happy, their answer is :

Live well, Live rich, No need to…

Wilbert Arifin

A casual learner that love to share my thoughts, especially about mindset & productivity. Hope you learn something from my writing !

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